Our Service Mission

Authenticity and reliability of the services that we provide is of paramount importance to us at UMNSystems.  When organizations make a commitment to change management and transformation we want them to be be able to trust us to help them better predict targets and act on levers of performance improvement. 

At UMNSystems we can attest that all of our associates that partner with you have legitimate credentials and proven track records for improving performance in the following market sectors:

 •   US & International Based Healthcare  
•    State and Federal Government
•    Construction & Development
•    Education
•    Corporate & Commercial

Our Services Include


  • System Performance Benchmarking and Waste Reduction
  • Operations Sustainability and Support
  • Workplace and Environmental Risk and Usability
  • Human/Systems Integration and Resilience 
  • Change Readiness Check and Practice Transformation


  • Job and Work Stream 
  • Human Resource Resilience
  • Supply Chain and Revenue Cycle
  • Contextual Improvement
  • Work Process and Environmental Safety
  • Corporate and Environmental Sustainability Life-cycle 


  • Process Improvement
  • Project Feasibility and Stakeholder Priority
  • Operational Optimization
  • Logistic Engineering
  • Performance Driven Space Redesign
  • Human Centered Design & Space Planning
  • Transition and Space Occupancy

Performance Management

  • Organizational Cultural Change and Transformation
  • Capital Improvement and Master Planning 
  • Program, Process, and Design
  • Service and Product Performance Reliability
  • Corporate and Environmental Sustainability Strategy
  • Product/Service Delivery Optimization