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ISQua 2017 London, England

United Kingdom based Inspiration NW and United States based UMNSystems ongoing research related to applying usability science to improve the healthcare service experience for patients in the U.K., was accepted to the ISQua 2017 London conference curriculum. Click on the logos for updates, news, and resources related to this work. 

FHA 2017We Have Your Back Worker Safety Collaborative 

The focus of this conference was Human Factors in Workforce Safety. Reviewing supporting evidence and discussing how user-centered, methods like those used in Human Factors and Ergonomics (HF/E) demonstrates how this approach can have a significant impact in improving not just proactive workplace safety, but the efficiency, effectiveness, and user satisfaction of care delivery systems.  Participants of this event may click the FHA logo to the left for resources related to this conference's keynote presentation.