How we do what we do

“Behind the curtain.”


UMNSystems approach to analysis and systems design characterizes the concept of taking a person rather than process oriented approach to operational optimization. We have discovered this will lead not only to more sustainable quality outcomes, but also to increased workforce buy-in and engagement in continuous improvement initiatives.

We use a system of systems analysis to better understand how human beings interact with individual work and service processes as well as different environmental/equipment contexts. This method seeks to discover ways to optimize compatibility between human behavior, process quality capability, and resource support availability. To accomplish this requires strategizing and designing methods that will increase resource usability and service delivery responsiveness under various scenarios. This results in increased process and resource reliability and greater human response resilience.

The expertise areas we draw from to assist in increasing your organization’s unique capacity and capability effectiveness needs include:    


Human Experience 

  • Customer experience assessment and market research reporting
  • Human Factors/Usability Analysis
  • Person-environment organization and resource fit assessment  

Innovation Management

  • Organizational resilience evaluation and anticipatory planning strategy
  • Product and service efficacy research and development   
  • Concept/Ideation incubation and implementation design  

Outcome Improvement

  • Forensic Human Factors analysis and work process safety benchmarking
  • Service engagement sustainability and dynamic systems simulations 
  • Return on innovation and quality investment forecasting