Our goal at UMNSystems is to help you design and build the infrastructure you need in measurable and consistent ways. We understand that organizational leaders and their key stakeholders know their service and products better than anyone else. Because of this, we offer access to essential quality management tools and tailored service alignment strategies to help organizations develop customized human centered performance improvement frameworks for achievement of high reliability outcomes in process quality and user experience.  

Available Solutions

resource strategic alignment

Complex challenges rarely are helped by a "One-Size-Fits-All" approach to problem resolution.  Because of this, UMNSystems can work with your organization to vet and select industry partners to help you realize your strategic goals and objectives.  Our positioning and experience in a variety of marketplace settings also allows us to facilitate connections and relationships that are customized to meet specialized organizational needs such as:   

  • Human Resource Recruitment and Management
  • Architectural,Engineering, and Design Services
  • Construction Management and Development
  • Communications and Marketing
  • Industry Recognition/Certification 


UMNSystems staff and associates are trained in quantitative and qualitative research methodologies.  This includes serving as principle investigators for both externally and internally funded quality improvement and research initiatives.

Areas of interest include:  

  • Healthcare Service Delivery Performance and Effectiveness
  • Patient Centered Care Delivery Models and Behavior Change
  • Sustainable Urbanization and Population Health
  • Human Factors and Health Information Technology Usability 
  • Impact of Human Centered Evidence Based Design for Health Environments

UMNSystems can work with you to develop and manage research that is internally relevant to your organization's services, or work with you to develop a research implementation and publication strategy that helps you support the ongoing improvement of your industry's practices.