Solutions for Operations Capability Improvement and People Development

Organizations and their leaders, that are committed to workplace change management and transformation can achieve incremental, but significant, quantifiable improvement in service and/or product quality and dependable and consistent staff engagement and performance through their work with UMNSystems.  

Below are some educational and human development solutions to ensure that staff feels supported to act on performance strategies and opportunities and prepared to activate sustainable, effective, and continuous improvement management.

Available Solutions


  • Creative Challenge Management and Charrette Facilitation
  • Lean/Six-Sigma Body of Knowledge and Certification Preparation 
  • Workforce Resilience and Emotional Labor in Goal Achievement
  • Change Readiness and Practice Transformation


  • Data Literacy and Forecasting
  • High Reliability Mindfulness
  • Performance Driven Environment of Care Design
  • UMNSystems Performance Improvement (UMN-PI™)