Could Biomimetic Engineering for Healthcare Surfaces Reduce the Potential for Dangerous Pathogen Transfer?

UMNSystems and Sappi North America's Conference Paper for the 2017 8th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics (AHFE) is now available from Springer ( The focus of this work is to present preliminary data on how Human-Centered Design and strategic Resilient Surface Technologies could potentially play a role in mitigating dangerous disease-causing pathogen transfer from healthcare surfaces to caregivers, families, and patients.

The authors of this paper will be presenting this information at the 2017 AHFE Conference in Los Angeles this July 17-21.  This article represents work that is part of a recently mobilized and longterm team-based research effort with select Health Systems and Healthcare Evidence-based Architecture & Design research partners. The purpose of which is to assess the ongoing performance impact of patented biomimetic surface-patterning in healthcare environments.