Our Story...


UMNSystems was founded on the premise that improving the human experience and service quality outcomes do not need to be mutually exclusive efforts. We stand by our belief that applying valid scientific methods to both forecast and fulfill performance goals is the most reliable way to ensure both systems and human response resilience.

Our approach to analysis, simulation, and strategy design draws on our experience in Human Factors, Systems Science, Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Quality Assurance, and sustainable environmental planning and management. We have experience in serving organizations in the U.S. and abroad across the Health and Wellness services continuum, as well as in Education, Government, and Corporate industries.

We know that it is too important for your organization to leave innovation management or quality improvement to a "best guess" approach. Our commitment to our clients is that the solutions we offer in response to your needs are backed by sound data and designed with legitimate and validated expertise. This is the "conceptual compass" that guides our work.  


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