User-centered, Meaningful, and Necessary Systems for realizing reliable performance resilience

Resilience ANALYSIS

Performance design

operations management

“Look before you leap.”


The need to respond to change for most organizations is continuing to increase at an escalating rate and at blinding speed. Whether its introducing new technologies, seeking ways to improve quality and safety performance, or better anticipating customer need, many organizations find themselves taking a “leap of faith” when introducing new operational solutions meant to expand and enhance their capabilities. 

UMNSystems can help you design an evidence-based strategic roadmap to maneuver ever-changing industry landscapes. This approach allows you the ability to forecast performance outcomes upstream of initiative implementation to increase your potential for performance resilience and organizational responsiveness. 



“The myth of the silver-bullet.”


There is a growing collective of claims for “quick fix solutions” to address efficiency and capacity improvement needs. UMNSystems understands that for those organizations who operate in highly complex and evolving environments a “one size fits all” approach is both unreliable and unsustainable to assuring optimal quality, productivity, and customer experience outcomes. Our scientific system of systems method allows us to work directly with you and your unique organizational opportunities to design a customized user-centered framework to manage operational response variability to successfully achieve performance and capability goals.     


“Creating & cultivating customized connections.”


Whether your objective is operational capacity expansion, targeted capability advancement, or both, UMNSystems can help you effectively navigate organizational development and capital improvement terrain by offering access and introduction to proven resource and strategic solution providers. We can connect organizations that want to expand their operational proficiency with specific products or services that can help them achieve that goal. We serve as an innovation management bridge between one or a multiple of these sources measuring ongoing resource goodness of fit. This process allows you to better predict solution effectiveness and fulfill intended integration impact goals.